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Landscaping in York Region

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Waterfalls and Landscaping in York Region - Bringing the Benefits of York Region’s Nature Home

Whether it’s the thundering rush of the Niagara Falls in the south or the quiet bubbling of a local mill creek falls, there’s nothing quite like the sound of water making its way to the ocean, and the York Region of southern Ontario is central to many of the best natural waterfalls in the province. 
Situated at the southern end of what could be deemed the heaviest concentration of freshwater lakes and streams in North America, even the densely populated York Regional Municipality is literally saturated with enchanting natural water features and mesmerizing landscape. 
Recently, home and yard renovation professionals have taken a few pointers from the beauty of nature and started to recreate these enchanting environments in backyards across the region, bringing nature home as it were.
The recent landscaping trend of incorporating more structured outdoor leisure area and less open grass area has truly embraced the concept of water features in such rural settings, and, with a dozen of reliable contractors and suppliers in the area to support them, even the most intrepid do-it-yourselfer is able to seriously contemplate making such impressive upgrades to a backyard space.  From the simplest of backyard ponds to the highly technical re-circulating water walls usually only seen before in very expensive locations, technology has progressed to the point that literally anything is possible. 
A point to remember when planning your ideal backyard oasis: while it’s possible to build almost anything imaginable, the reality of the situation is that, whatever you construct in an outdoor space in southern Ontario will have to survive the rather intense winter season for a minimum of four months out of the year, with the annual freeze and thaw cycles for a month or more at each end of that winter.  Thus, in planning water-features such as ponds, cascades or outright waterfalls, including in the design such things as removable pumps, purging and drainage systems, and making potential standing water ponds deep enough to survive four months of hard freezing is usually a good idea. 
Accessible and affordable landscaping services and supplies are allowing even the most urban spaces to be refit with some small green spaces, allowing man to return to nature, at least in part.  Recent social trends seem to be pushing toward a more natural base to return to - more water, more green, less concrete and artificial light. Artificial waterfalls, vertical gardens,  daylight portals to the interior spaces of urban buildings, all these elements and more are becoming standard fixtures in all areas from the rural farm to the office building.
From the highly developed suburbs in the southern areas of York Regional Municipality to the pastoral rolling farmland in the northern areas, the area encompasses a little bit everything; rolling fields, quaint manicured white picket fences, and densely populated urban centers.  There is no reason a person can’t take some small part of that area and make it a personal retreat, and, in fact, that is exactly what’s happening.